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All too often people start their building projects without realising that someone must take the overall lead as Project Manager, organise activities, find builders and control costs or the endeavour is destined to have problems before it even starts. If the project is of limited size then this ‘bumbling’ approach will probably work with a few wrinkles along the way – perhaps late completion, paying a bit over the odds or a few items that are not what you anticipated or do not quite deliver the quality expected – but, what about more complex projects, or where you simply do not have the extra time to spare to perform this role, or an instance where your daily life would be too disrupted by such ‘wrinkles’?

How do you ensure that everyone involved understands their role in the project, determine what work *really* needs to be done and make sure you get competitive prices for the full scope of works? How can you identify the competent builders, put a value to partially completed works and only make stage payments to builders when that work has actually been completed? What can you do to check your finished project will complete on time and keep to budget but still deliver the quality appropriate to your original budget?

Our approach ...

At Building Consultancy Bureau we can help with all the issues identified above ... and more. At BCB we offer different levels of project services either as Contract Administrator forming part of your team, or leading your scheme as Project Manager.

We have experience of many different ventures and can adapt our service to match each client’s individual project size - so our services can be appropriate for everything from the small domestic extension or internal alterations right through to ambitious refurbishment schemes at larger apartment blocks or new build construction for residential or commercial properties.

BCB services include the following where we can be involved right from the beginning either where a maintenance/refurbishment project is already planned or perhaps where issues are already evident:

  • Investigation and preparation of Feasibility Report
  • Building Defect Inspection/Structural Investigation
  • Planned Maintenance Programme

or BCB can start further down the project life cycle:

  • Initial survey and preparation of Building Work Specifications - ‘Schedule of Works’ (or this could be a follow on from our earlier Planned Maintenance Programme service)
  • Procurement – referencing and selection of competent contractors, raising of legal tender documents and management of tendering procedures, analysis and checking of submitted tender bids and recommendation of suitable contractors
  • Contract Management – preparation of industry-accepted client:builder contracts, so the works are clearly described with specific defined expectations for both parties. Contracts allow for clear communication, the management and reduction of any contract issues and stated paths for resolution of any contract issues.
  • Project Certification – on-going works are monitored for compliance with the Schedule and valued at defined project milestones (supported by industry-recognised contract documentation). The surveyor will ensure the project keeps within budget and check stage payments are only made for the activities which have been satisfactorily completed at the point of project Valuation. Completion documents are raised only when the surveyor is satisfied the project has been completed in accordance with the Schedule of Works and in compliance with contract terms. The BCB surveyor will also manage the Contract Retention sum, check the on-going quality of the works and manage any maintenance for the contractor to carry out at expiry of the Retention Period.


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