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Building Defect Analysis (or Building Pathology as it is often described) is the process of identifying the causes behind defect/s which are present in a building. These symptoms may or may not be evident to the householder or property owner: sometimes the full extent of a defect is hidden and only becomes apparent during other building works or subsequent investigations.

Our approach ........

Our team at Building Consultancy Bureau are all independent, experienced Chartered Building Surveyors who, as part of their degree/RICS training, have gained specialist knowledge of building defects – the veritable ‘building doctors’ of the surveying world.

At the BCB we adopt a methodical and analytical approach, based on many years of practical experience and we will evaluate *all* the symptoms to take a holistic approach. A BCB Chartered Building Surveyor will discuss the history and background of the symptoms with you and then visit the property to undertake a thorough investigation. The investigation may require a survey of the whole property – or it could just target specific areas, depending upon the nature of the problem. We use a ‘hands-on’ approach and are not frightened to get our hands dirty to correctly identify the causes of failure.

It is all too easy to rely upon technology and diagnostic tools to provide information. At the BCB we have a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise so we can interpret the data correctly and present the client with cost-effective solutions. Too many times we see reports recommending repairs which are not addressing the real root cause, as investigations have only taken into account a collection of either limited or misinterpreted data.

We will gather and evaluate all the information in a timely manner, providing a report which uses the minimum of technical jargon to give you the best technical solutions with options and budgets. Solutions can be short or long term - we are always mindful of client budgets and timeframes and will present remedies mindful of these factors.

Once the cause has been established a technical solution can be provided. Building
onsultancy Bureau are here to help you – ring us on 01202 537000 or 02380 388688 and speak to a Chartered Building Surveyor for advice.

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